Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Weekend in the Mountains

Mohonk Mountain House

             First and foremost, my wife is one of the great people on this Earth. She is a hard working mother of two that does everything for her family. On top of working full-time and cooking our meals, she fills her down time with crafting us hand-made scarves, hats and anything else we need with an eye for fashion and detail. All in all an amazing woman and someone I look up to.
             This year she really out did herself by not only powering through one of the meanest flu's this side of the Mississippi to throw our son a proper first Birthday, but by also hosting around thirty family members for Christmas. Even crazier is that she had made a ton of food and handmade gifts and chocolates to hand out as gifts. I really can't give her justice with printed word. So on top of doing all of this, she decided to surprise us with a little mini getaway to the Mohonk Mountain House. We went up for a one night stay, and then the snow came and it turned into a two night stay.
             For being so close to our house at just thirty minutes away, it felt like we were in the Alps. The views were amazing, the food was exquisite and the winter activities had us in a whirlwind of fun. So much so that i forgot to take pictures for a while. But these are the ones i ended up with at the end.
             Thank you Letitia, for making this possible and for everything you do for us.
                                                                                     Your Family


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  1. Btw...those fancy moves are Michael Jackson's thriller being performed on ice ;)