Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Disney World


Since Augusten was born, our five year old daughter MaryJane has been helping out a ton around the house. We've been giving her fifty cents a week as an allowance to reward her hard work. A couple of weeks ago we were getting ready for work early in the morning, Letitia was having her coffee in the dining room when MaryJane came in with her piggy bank. She dumped all of her personal money into a jar that we put our loose change into to go toward a vacation. When Letitia asked MaryJane what she was doing, MJ replied, "I just really want our family to go to Disney World." That sealed the deal and Letitia put her superior online deal finding skills to work. She landed a great package and two weeks later we were off to Florida. Thank you MaryJane for topping off our vacation fund and getting us all to the happiest place on Earth.



the most gangster mannequin

Thanks for looking at our photos from one of the greatest times of our lives. We had a blast and can't wait to get back.