Saturday, June 16, 2012


It was a busy week emotionally here at Sunset Drive with a couple ups and downs. One of the ups to the week was MaryJane losing her first tooth! She bit in to an ear of corn and had the funniest expression on her face as she searched her mouth with her tongue.

Our third and hopefully final attempt at bunny ownership.

Pleased to introduce Raphael Politi in to the mix. 

A Tribute to Clover the Second.

MaryJane's bunny got very unexpectedly sick at the beginning of the week and ended up passing away. This poor kid is having some bad luck with rabbit's. Clover II was a little sweetheart and we wanted to show her some love with pictures. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Clover the Second

We went with a farm-born and domesticated bunny this time. It is our pleasure to introduce, Clover the second.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our New Bunny

So our dog Nana was going crazy outside this afternoon. She wouldn't stop whining outside of our dining room windows. I took a walk around the house to see what she was so upset about. There inside our basement window well, which is about 2 feet deep, was this sweet little baby bunny. I rushed inside and had MaryJane put her shoes on to go and rescue this poor little lady. At first she wasn't sure how to hold the bunny and it slipped out onto the ground where Nana caught it with a loose grip. It let out a couple squeaks, I yelled at Nana and she let go so that I could give this now terrified rabbit back to MaryJane.  The plan was to release her back in to the woods, but that turned in to, "Well Dad, I will but first I want to walk her around and show her our property." During this tour she decided to name her Clover, Mom got a peek at it and fell in love which turned in to Dad and MaryJane building a quick little cage for Clover to live in until we set her up properly. She is now living on MaryJane's dresser nibbling away at fresh greens and baby carrots. I couldn't pick just one photo for this post so I've decided to post my favorites. Enjoy!